Everything here is copyrighted as is indicated in the shadow region of each picture. This is to protect me from people who want to make money off of my work without paying or even giving me credit for my efforts. Aside from them, if you really like my pictures and want to make some of them into a desktop background because you really like something, go ahead.


Since fall 2008 all my photographs are on glossy Fijicolor Crystal Archive paper. This is a true photographic paper that once was exposed by light through negatives and today by computer controlled lasers or LED arrays. For a long time I used ink jets, primarily for their lower cost and convenience, but lately the superior image quality and longevity of chromogenic prints has won me over.

Buying Prints

Yes I do sell my pictures. Some of the best photos will be sold for a premium price. Basic approximate pricing is give below:

paper size

price CAD

4" x 6"

usually free

8" x 12"


18" x 24"


24" x 36"


Delivery is usually by pick-up from my home in downtown Toronto.