COWS and Me

I have been active in for a few years now. Currently I am very active in COWS (Canadian Outdoor Wilderness Seekers).

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Kilimanjaro Africa



We're going to Africa to climb mountains and see lions. I'm not totally sure of all we're going to see, but I'm certain it will be fun. And when else can I expect to find myself visiting Africa.
COWS Christmas Party



Once again I bring a few friends over to my place for a party.
Drive Around the Lake



We drive out to Kingston, sleep on one of the Thousand Islands, NY State Fair, Watkins Glen waterfalls, Corning Museum of Glass then home again.
Wet COWS 2012



This is a rerun, but reruns can be good. Look at Star Trek. We once again cross to the US side to stand under the waterfall.
Jet Boating



There is a jet boat tour that leaves Niagara On The Lake and heads into the Niagara Gorge to eventually surf some huge rapids. And we will take that tour
Grand Canyon Waterfalls



A few slow, relaxed days down in and among all the striking blue waterfalls of the Havasupai reservation deep inside the Grand Canyon area.
Sunset Crossing of Georgian Bay



Another high speed trip. We visit a few places in Southern Ontario, then take the ferry across Georgian Bay at sunset. The next day we do some exploring of Manitoulin Island and head back home.
Photo meetup



Not my idea, but I think it's a good one. An exploration and photo shoot: Of gardens, and parks, and Scarborough Bluffs!
New York City



A non-stop, hard and fast weekend in the Big Apple. We overnight bus it down. We bus it back. And in between we hike, hike, hike. Not for the delicate. It was a very successful, killer trip. Follow the links and look at the pix.
Party at my barn.



The Annual COWS Christmas party. Over 80 COWS come to moo and graze at my place
Watkins Glen #2



The first trip was so good that it just had to re-run. This time we went visited Letchworth Park and waterfalls as well.
Grand Canyon Area Tour



The US Southwest has so much to see, and we covered a lot of it in a high intensity 9 days. We went to Arches National Park, Mounment Valley, Antelope Canyons, Grand Canyon, Havasupai with a couple of days in Death Valley to finish it all. 10 of us went and took 1000's of pictures
Watkins Glen #1



We camped in the park, near the fastastic, beautiful Gorge. We also visited the Corning Museum of Glass and Griffis Sculpture Park
Niagara Falls #3



Still more COWS wanted to come out and get wet. This time we took swim googles to survive the Hurricane Deck. 27 COWS this time around, the most popular Niagara Falls event.
Niagara Falls #2



Back by popular demand and longer notice. This time 25 COWS came out. Again, we took the GO Train and went down to the Hurricane Deck on the US side.
Niagara Falls #1



It was on short notice, maybe 6 days, but 5 COWS attended



I followed the herd down south, way down south. We spent over 2 weeks in Peru. We saw sooo much. Machu Picchu, Nasca Lines, sand boarding in the desert, condors and hot springs.
Ganaraska Trail Section 1



We visit the town of Port Hope and hike 22km along the Ganarask trail. Afterwards we more than made up for the calories burned off hiking by visiting the local bakery/coffee house. I led that part of the meetup.
Yearning for Yurting



A trip to the Subury and Killarney to climb a lot of hills and views, see many animals (moose, deer, beaver, fox, etc), sleep in a yurt (fabric hut), have some good barbacues. It is still winter (lots of snow) in that area and unlike last year, we got to see the lanscape views in their winter versions.
Islands Walk Plan C



We did it again. It is was so very different from the first time.
Dog Sledding


. The run was short, the dogs were often confused, but it was a lot of fun. My first experience with dog sledding was a good one. I left with a smile and might do this again.
High Park Cold Day


. It was -16 but for the challenge of it I rode my bike out to High Park from downtown
Snow Shoe and Sleigh Ride


. A nice but quick day. I didn't get to meet everyone. First we did snow shoeing, the toured a zoo with birds of prey, a ride in the forest on a horse drawn sleigh, and finally a Korean dinner
Casa Loma


. It was a sunny winter day, but the hike was indoors are the beautiful Casa Loma. Afterwards we went skating at Harbourfront.
Tommy Thompson


. comment
Islands Walk Plan B



My first cows tour in my playground the Toronto Islands. It was great. The day was sunny. The park was abandoned
Moo Years Eve



No interesting party to go to for NYE? Make one! I did. And it was a success. We took the bus to Niagara Falls, walked across the border to hike the US side, returned to hike the Canadian side, had a lavish dinner at Falls View Casino, went view a lights show, watched fireworks in the Niagara Gorge up close, walked on Clifton Hill, returned to Toronto just in time to catch the midnight fireworks at Nathan Philips Square. After that we hooked up with the Toronto Cows and went for milkshakes and snack food at Fran's Much more interesting and fun than a regular party.
Pioneer Village


. Another small meetup group, where we almost had the place to ourselves. It was interesting to see how people lived in Ontario 100 and 200 years ago. I got a copy of a map of Toronto from 1842.
Solstice Parade in Kensington Market


. A meetup to watch and wander with the Solstice parade in Kensington Market
Harbourfront Skating


. Skating in my backyard, almost
Elora Gorge


. Almost did not happen. I arrived at the park on time but the gate was closed and there was a quite a snow storm. However since I lived in Elora and knew Elora and the park well, I was able to offer alternative meeting locations and routes into the park and activities afterwards. The snow storm finished and we had a great hike.
Cows center island picnic


. A picnic in my favorite playground the Toronto Islands. It was uncrowded, slow and relaxing.
York Obeservatory


. An interesting visit to the York University Observatory to look at the planets.
Thorold Area Canals


. A long hike through the Thorold area.
Grand Canyon Area Arizona Utah



My most complex meetup, to take a group of Cows on a tour, in a convertible, around the Grand Canyon and Death Valley area.
Kilarney Weekend



A super meetup. We left Toronto on a rainy day hiked in Sudbury, toured Science North, at pizza soup and slept in a comfortable yurt. The next day was perfectly sunny and we had the park alone to ourselves. We hiked a few places and had dinner in a small fishing town.
FOO for MOO#1: Louth Balls Beamers Falls in one day!


. One of the several hikes thorough the forests of the Niagara Escarpement to view its many water falls.
Crawford Lake Hike


. A hike through the forest ending in an recreated Indian village from 500 years ago.
Bloor-Yorkville IceFest


. A few ice sculptures in Yorkville
Winterlude Ottawa



This was my first time hosting a meetup. Only Chantel and Vicki came. We spent the night in jail (Jail Hostel). Beautiful ice sculptures and a nice day skating on the canal. Small but very much fun./
X-Country in Horseshoe Valley


. It was supposed to be cross country, but somehow got redirect to downhill skiing and snow tubing
Winter City Celebration


. City of Toronto outdoor, winter arts show in Nathan Philips Square.  Cold, but very beautiful.